Dearest Daughter,


I hope this letter finds you well. I want to start with that.. wishing you the very best and praying you are somewhere wishing for the best for yourself as well. I know this world is sometimes harsh but I want you to know somewhere, there is someone who loves you and is rooting for you and conspiring for your success. (Its me – by the way.)

In speaking of this harsh world I know everyone seems to have it all together. In this image crazed world we gravitate towards making it seem like we too have it all together. We make it look like we all get perfect grades, are all on honor roll or the dean’s list and have the perfect driving record, never get a blemish or pimple, we all have amazing careers and side hustles to boast about, we have the perfect relationships, and our houses are always spotless, our makeup stays on all day and our stockings NEVER snag. Well I just want you to know that may be what you see on social media because the end result of some journeys are provocative but the truth behind the curtain is that the path to sexy and noteworthy is full of stumbles, blisters, scrapped knees and dare I say it… IMPERFECTIONS!!

While I want you to always reach for the stars there is no perfect, no perfection life hack, no shortcuts to greatness. You are perfect in the skin you are in. No need to have it all figured out.

Your mom 

What exactly is “Perfect“?

It was OG Mandino who says “success can be defined 1,000 different ways by 1,000 different men, but failure only has one definition”. So while perfection in the traditional sense is not actually achievable, we can reach some heights that defy rules of natural selection and fate or whatever else we believe dictates our end stories. Very effective people all share similar habits. While they can vary in execution they keep a basic unshakeable core and they are as follows:


1. Confidence

“There can be miracles, if you believe, though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.” The late Whitney Houston had it right. We have the ability to create our own miracles. We can put wheels on our dreams and chase them into reality. These things start with having the courage to believe that you are the one who can make it happen. Whatever your goal is, believe that you have the tools to make it real and if you don’t have those tools yet you know exactly where to get them. (school, google, youtube, etc.) If you have confidence in yourself and your dream, are a pleasure to work with and remain teachable… you cannot be stopped.


2. Focus 

A clear mind is key in reaching the top of your ladder. So once you have a goal in mind, get organized and keep your sights on it always. People will try to turn your attention to many other things but take your time to finish what you start and don’t listen to outside noise that will confuse you. Focus on completing the task at hand. Many successful people use a to-do list, calendar, post-its or mantras. Find what works for you that keeps you on track. Focus is key to reaching the finish line.


Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village”? Well guess what… it doesn’t only refer to raising children. It is essential to our well-being and climb to success that we surround ourselves with great minds and willing spirits. The reason it takes a village is because each individual is going to bring something new and fresh to the table. Maybe its years of experience in tripping over their own mistakes and finding different ways to climb a mountain. Mostly its simply that they’ve seen more and know more. Being under the council of wiser spirits is better than newer, wilder ones if your goal is an assured victory. I know that sounds mystic but you really do want people around you that have similar goals and have your best interests in mind. You want people who have a winning disposition, are educated and experienced. 

4. Self-Love

When we are seeking to “get it right” its easy to begin to put ourselves last and our tasks first. Don’t forget to show yourself why you do what you do. Go find a way to wind down and take care of a want or 2. I’m not suggesting you spend $2m on a trinket just because you worked hard this week. What I am suggesting is every once in a while go and get a massage and get that haircut and make time for the gym and eat clean so your brain can be clear when your wonderful ideas come to the surface.

5. Discipline

You don’t have to balance it all. You will not be able to put in endless hours of your day into your project of choice and be able to make it to every game, party, or engagement. It is necessary however to make every moment count. The most effective people will be completely present when they finally make it home and be completely present at the board meeting. They are not crossing off or filling in mental notes while others are working to bring their dreams to fruition. So get organized, be understanding so you can be understood. And forget balance. Just be present, 100%.

In Conclusion 

Despite all of our best efforts to get it right, we don’t always quite make it, and that’s perfectly fine. The only thing we can do is try to the best of our abilities to do the most good, in the little time we have on this planet. So go, do some good, I’m rooting for you.





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