Jessica Zye

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and I’m no stranger to that. The dream was to find or create some sort of success, marry a good man, have some babies, and live happily ever after. Simple. Instead I went to community college, had my daughter at 25, was single again that same year and had to figure out a way to survive in NYC with my new life and baby. 

My mother has always been traditional and while she’s cool as ice, the 40 year difference between us made my teenage obsession with… well anything a challenge for her to understand. It made relating to her unattainable to me. I had no idea the insight she had. I was told by many how smart and awesome she was back then and how I was so lucky to be her daughter. While I knew she was a Superhero, I never realized how badly I’d need the lessons I so adamantly neglected to listen to as a child. I’d heard many of the elders in my family use the phrase “if I knew then what I know now…” they followed this phrase with should’ve, would’ve, could’ved’s. My mom preached to take a listen and follow their lead without making their mistakes but I was too “busy and smart” to listen to these old folk who knew nothing about this “new time” and “new world’. They were immigrants, foreigners and old, but…

They were also right!!!

I made some of their mistakes and too many of my own. Many scars later I’m now wiser and more careful. Still building and trying my best to do some good, gain some knowledge and not keep it to myself.  

The school of life (and family) taught me my love of art, literature (to some level) and survival. I would love to portray a fun-loving carefree individual but that would be a lie. If you haven’t noticed I haven’t mentioned my father because while he loved me and of that I have no doubts, his life and tragic death are something of a sore topic that I’ll leave for another day. However, I will say this… my life has not been all roses but I’ve learned to make the best with what I have and I plan on sharing all my lemonade here. 

Follow me as I learn and share my life on my blog, my art and crafts



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